19 June 2013


do you ride a bike? do you use your bike for fun/exercise? do you use your bike as a way to get places (i.e. work/market/brewery/etc)? how do you use a bike? how would you like to use your bike?

i just got a new bike (IN LOVE) but i could talk about "her" (yet to be named) for a very long time...the point of all of this is that for a LONG time i didn't commute to work - i didn't really bike much. why? not because i don't like riding bikes, but i just didn't feel safe on a bike. i came across this article, bike commuting and really connected with the fact that my stresses/concerns are the same as other cyclists.

there's a lot of opportunity for bike acceptance/growth/advocacy to be fostered within u.s. transportation culture which may feel overwhelming but i guess the best way to start is to acknowledge the situation/culture where you live, be safe, and get on your bike.


Kevin K said...

Yes. Yes. Yes. All of the reasons mentioned above. I would LIKE to do some more extensive regional touring (meet me in the middle somewhere - Utah??).

v said...

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i have read many of your posts now while enjoying a cup of jasmine tea
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