08 May 2013

.nat'l bike month.

here she is, aguilita volando (the little flying eagle) in all of her early morning glory proudly sporting her newest adornment, don't be prey decal. 

did you know that may is national bike month? so get on a bike and celebrate!! are there cool events happening in your corner of the world? we have a bike swap this weekend and next week for "bike to work" week they are hosting a morning coffee/donuts station on my route to work! incentives to ride (beyond the incentives of looking flllly...)!?!?!? 

the bike is the most efficient machine ever made and yet in american we still aren't biking that much. Or maybe it would be better to say we have lost some (a lot) of our bike enthusiasm. so maybe it's time to remind YO SELF. go for a short ride. then do it again. then do it again. and see how it feels. i just starting riding my bike to work and it takes a few times to get use to not driving a car but i'm noticing that it helps me wake up - clear my mind - and start the day off with some dopamine (feel good stuff) pumping through my body.

fun facts: how many people are commuting in your state? check out here. in washington, only 28.6% of the commuters are women. that is ridiculous! ladies it's time for us to get on a bike.

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