16 February 2013


Dear Women of the World:

Do yourself a HUGE favor and read "Vagina" by Naomi Wolf and prepare yourself to be opened, enlightened, and healed. VAGINA VAGINA VAGINA.


A Goddess

That is the letter I would write to all of you if I had your address (or send me you address and I'll hand write it to you if that would help you believe it) because I'm still so close to the words and ideas I can't really express further the birth that has happened inside of myself. The new eyes that I have to my mind, my body, and my societal norms of disregard that I have so carefully and diligently marinated myself in these 28 years. How disconnected I have lived from my female center that has denied a tenderness, a creative energy, and a empathic mind within myself. WOW! The change has to start now. We have to start the change emotionally, physically, mentally....based in experience, words, or science this is the TRUTH. You are a GODDESS and when you understand, believe, and LIVE this truth your life WILL change and the WORLD will change. 

"Female Sexuality was everywhere, doing nothing less than nurturing and sustaining the entire world; doing nothing less than nurturing and sustaining us, humanity." NW

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