27 January 2013

.movement is happening in my life.

Last night I went to concert with Blake Noble. My sister said "We are constantly around music, we were exposed to the guitar at a young age, but when he played it was totally different" But what was different, it was still the guitar? It was his passion and authenticity. His music made me feel charged. Have you even been around someone that just made you feel good? 

He has found his focus.

In this world I live in, despite all "modern conveniences" I find it extremely distracting. Malawi left me feeling raw but full - I truly believe this because I didn't have the phone to make calls, internet worth "browsing" on, lights weren't affecting my natural sleep patterns, and the moon phases shinning down on me each night. These elements freed me to be. While back in America I feel constantly pressured to have "success" to make the "right" choice, to speed up my pace, numb myself by the chaos of media and advertising, surrounded by people that I won't ever talk to, hide myself in my house - my car - my phone, live a life putting out "fire" so that I don't have to push further. Somedays I feel the further we "advance" in America the further we get from "ourselves." The youth of this country are looking for nurture and meaning in all the empty places and we are so busy with our anxiety driven schedule we don't seem to notice. We are so busy planning for the "perfect" thing/moment/idea that lose all the beauty that is right there in front of you. It's taken me a few times of transiting from this world to another to really see and feel this. It really affected me the first time I came back to America - and it knocked me down even further the next time - but Malawi seemed to empower and heal me. When you don't have much to hold onto you tend to savor the now. 

I'm different today - this time - I felt the difference last night. The truth I have found is that the only way to heal this world and fill it with love is to find your own love - to live your life. 

To live your focus. 

What fills me up? What is my focus? How do I find my focus? I think I already know I just have to trust. I found this wisdom helpful:

"You've been expanding and developing for years but you simply haven't been able to digest all of it. Doing something with your hands, rather than you head is often the best route to clarity." Joan Erikson

Some might find power in art, some find it to be just an activity or hobby but it doesn't matter when you are living your purpose/focus it needs no label because it is felt. You will be birthing your love - overflowing your love healing yourself - your tribe - your community - your country - your world. And we could all use some healing. <3 font="">

I hope inspiration in present in your life.

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