19 December 2012

.dream list.

It's that time of year to fill yourself with silly wishes and wants...but what's wrong with celebrating YOU. I think we need to have some fun more often.

Here are mine:

I want to smell like THIS. (tocca perfume)
I want to listen to THIS  and THIS on repeat. (taken by trees/camila moreno)
I want to wear THIS on my back e'eryday. (woolybison backpack)
I want to wear THIS on my finger. (lolide)
I want to eat THIS at least once a week. (Julia Child)
I want to put THIS on my wall. (samantha french)
I want to wear THIS oh and THIS e'eryday. (sheilacouture/arch109)
I want to decorate a wall with THIS. (sequins)

I want to cuddle up in THIS. dreamy. (OASAP)

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