21 November 2012


disclaimer: ok so I was really just looking for an excuse to cook.

I'm heading over the hills to Seattle to dog sit/celebrate t-day with the sister. So I decided to make a little mini-gratitude dinner for the parents and I last night. It was good to the last bite. Thanks to all the amazing blog-o-sphere foodies it's not hard to be inspired. This is what is looked like:

sorry I was so excited to eat not all food was photographed. :)
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!
May we all take a little extra time to savor all the goodness in our lives.


I'm thankful for delicious food that excites my taste buds and nourishes my body.
I'm thankful for a family and a home that supports and loves me.
I'm thankful for this past year and all the amazing adventures I've experienced, all stunning sunsets I've seen, and the people I have meet who have taught me something in someway.
I'm thankful for my working hands and the art they make that heals and soothes my soul.
I'm thankful for the time to spend with my sweet Nana who is in the advance stages of Alzheimer's.
I'm thankful for real unpolished authentic love that loves without asking.

food: oregano brussel sprouts - thanks to Heidi Swanson
         whole wheat rolls - thanks to river cottage

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