02 October 2012

.kindred spirits.

My Uncle let me borrow his polymer clay oven to play around with...but clay? I'm more of a sterling silver kind of girl when it comes to jewelry. 

I started making jewelry in middle school. I can still remember going to the Sun Dog Bead Co. and Juliana, with her curly afro and hairy armpits teaching me to make my first pair of earrings. I left feeling so empowered by her art and feminine energy - I never looked back. Then freshman year of college I returned home for the summer only to find that all the summer jobs were taken. So (more by force) in the summer of 2003 Kindred Spirits jewelry was official born. I repurposed an old window pane covered it with screen filled it will my handmade jewels and loaded into the back of my charcoal 4-Runner. I spent every Saturday and Wednesday of that summer selling at the local Farmer's Market. It was a wonderful leap. I have many loves/passions/matches but since that summer even when I stray (i.e go to Malawi) it's an outlet that grounds and soothes my spirit - I'm always returning to jewelry. 

Once again I have found new energy and inspiration with clay that has led to the re-birth of my etsy shop (check it out here!)It's a medium that is allowing me so much space for "mistakes", trials, and unfinished touches. 

I am a born-again polymer clay enthusiast. 

What do you think?

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