09 July 2012

.as of late.

my front yard. <3

The as of late updates:

*We had enough money left over with the grant to hold a follow up meeting in the communities to check in with the projects the task forces are doing.

*Peace Corps informed me they have a candidate for a site replacement, it’s a woman with 10 years maternal health experience. How amazing would she be?

*A Health Advocate from one of the villages rode his bike 30km ONE WAY to turn in their Maternal Health Task Force action plan to the hospital. Amazing!

Wow. I’m so grateful to receive so much goodness on this journey.

in other trivial updates...i'm dreaming (lusting) of fresh summer time zucchini BIG TIME and want to make/eat all of these:

whole wheat zucchini bread with dark chocolate
zucchini pizzas
zucchini and parmesan fritters
zucchini with eggs baked inside
zucchini crudo


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