08 May 2012

. uni brows and piñatas.

hello all. i'm still here! i just finished a one week training on natural medicines and it was honestly the best week i've had in malawi for so many reasons, but mostly because it was just fascinating to learn about the plants, their properties, and how to make tinctures, body oils, and healing teas...i'll be sharing more soon. the training finished just in time to celebrate cinco de mayo. yes yes nothing to do with malawi and actually quite odd to be celebrating but a volunteer friend convinced me to host the party a my house because who DOESN'T enjoy an excuse to make mexican food?? we spent the whole saturday cooking and i was so worth it. the menu included: corn tortillas, guacamole, beans, bean dip, home made cheese, fish, and roasted salsa. We ate and ate and ate! There was also a few rounds of pin the tail on the zebra (trying to pull a little africa into the mix) and piñatas!
honestly, i'm always looking for an excuse to sport a uni brow...
here we are at the cinco de mayo party at my house with two volunteer friends.
but the highlight (of course it involves my boys!!) was watching promise and osborne experience breaking a pinata for the first time. they now run around the house calling me "Arish (that's name)" and then covering their eyes with one hand and pounding their fist in the air. i think this is just the beginning of piñatas and one step closer to mexican-nizing my boys! success!!

un abrazote.

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