20 February 2012

.you can take the gringa out of latin america, but you can't take the latina out of the gringa.

wowza. I've really been missing Ecuador lately. I miss speaking Spanish. I miss my school kids. I miss patacones. I miss greeting with cheek kisses. I miss queso fresco. I miss dancing!!

This weekend I went to Zomba for a GPS/GIS training that I will be using to map out the Maternal health services within the district. It was really fascinating and brought me a whole new perspective on how spacial information can strengthen health systems. BUT the best part of the weekend was the dance at the local pizzeria (yes! you can get pizza in Zomba, this town is crazy! I'm so glad it's only 30 mins bus ride from my house!). The other the other Response Volunteer (he too served in Ecuador! what are the odds?) was helping dj for the night and after we met a guy from El Salvador!! we made a plan to get merengue music on...the Malawians didn't know what was coming. ha! It was amazing, I didn't realize how MUCH I had missed dancing and merengue music. The El Salvadorian and I conducted a cultural exchange in form of a dance off that ended in everyone creating a circle around us with looks on their face like screamed "what are they doing?!?!?".

It was just want I needed to curb my homesick bug...and maybe a little bit of this for dinner.

much love to you all.

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