28 February 2012


I decided to stay home this weekend and just enjoy the many splendors of my pioneer mansion. Athough, I should know myself better than to feed such a lofty utopia idea to myself, a hyperactive person by nature. There is only so much I can find to entertainment myself with before the sitting, staring, and contemplating "what the hell am i doing?" thought process begins. Surprisingly, I actually made it till Sunday afternoon when I began to, they said it best in my book, "if you're in a hole, STOP digging" but of course I was beyond bored so I started digging with even more vigor! ha! 

important note to reader self: the key to feeling productive/happy/successful/fulfilled while doing development work is to STAY BUSY!!

Then I happened upon this theory: M=EA  (Mishap = Excellent Adventure)

Mishap, I thought what a polite way to put my current feelings towards this whole Peace Corps Malawi thing. But then it is a mishap. I never planned this, I never even applied for this position, and actually my site (where I work/live) wasn't even developed prior to my arrival. That to me is the definition of mishap.

So WHY can't I make this into an excellent adventure...life is how we see it.

1. new wool rug I found at market day for $0.80
2. what happens when I'm bored and find watercolors.
3. new wall art in my bedroom
4. Osborne trying to break into the cook house
5. seeds!! now planted in my veggie garden...keep your fingers crossed.

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