13 January 2012

.friday night.

this is what a wild and crazy friday night looks like in liwonde town.
last night i was awoken by these weird vibrations under my head and I thought oh my goodness it's an earthquake! but then I realized only my head was moving so i just assumed it was a weird dream but when i laid down again there were the same vibrations...it was a little mouse crawling below my mattress. i was hoping it had kindly let itself out today but i just saw it scurry across the living room floor...i guess it's time to adopt a cat.

but it's friday (and a three day weekend to boot) and my whole wheat (or brown bread as they call it here) cinnamon, ginger, cardamon cake is just coming out of the oven! yum!

happy weekend to you all.
much love to you and yours.


erik said...

<3 this grrl

Gregg and Maggie Nurrenbern said...

Greggers and I are now obsessed with your blog! I'm glad the mouse is keeping you company... hopefully she is nice and pregnant and will soon leave you a litter of friends. Suerte amiga con los proyectos..

Gregg and Maggie Nurrenbern said...
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alicia said...

This makes me so happy - because i'm obsessed with both of you. so i guess that makes us even?!?! Come visit!