30 November 2011


I'm off to malawi. My journey started in Wenatchee to seattle and i'm ending my day in New York but that's just the first day of my journey, i'll then take a 14 hr flight to joburg, south africa and then the home stretch to Lilongwe, Malawi.

In this moment i'm unable to imagine what it will be like or who i will be in 9 months but that excites me. I've recently had some good conversations that have been a mirror for me to reassess my patterns. Leaving for Ecuador I felt like I knew it already which lead to a lot of frustrations because my knowing always leads to assumptions. I stand at the edge never fully letting go, limiting myself from connecting and tasting the moment. This time i'm ready for the unexcepted and going to try to leave my assumptions behind me.

Sending much love to you all.

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