22 December 2011

.a charlie brown christmas.

The holidays are here and I’m embarking upon a great ‘amazing race’ rendition here in Malawi with my fellow response volunteers. I’m heading out of Liwonde today and up to Dedza (it’s cooler there! Woohoo!!) to spend the 25th. We will be celebrating with homemade cheese (cheese is a treat here!!) and a classy white elephant gift exchange.  Then we will be northward bound heading toward the lake but to spice it up a bit we will be splitting up into pairs and hitching north in an ‘amazing race’ style. Each group will be relying on people’s goodwill and a bartering system (no money allowed) to get us from Dedza to Nkhata Bay during which will be have to find objects to photograph along the way…it’s a steep challenge but I think it’s a good way to wrap up 2011.

Sending you all the warmest wishes during this holiday season! No matter what name you put on it, however you celebrate it I hope you spend it with loved ones and use it as a reminder to be grateful for the beautiful life we have and for another day to explore, learn, and strive forward.

 I’m grateful for all the unselfish love I have received here in Malawi that has allowed me to feel welcome and comfortable. I’m grateful for a life that grants me freedom to live an adventurous life. I’m grateful for a family that encompasses me with love no matter how many times I test it. And I’m grateful for each and every one of you in my life. You propel me forward everyday with your positive thoughts, good energy, and support. And so much more…

Merry “Charlie Brown” Christmas from Malawi.


Angela said...

What an amazing adventure, Alicia...your awesome! Merry Christmas and good luck on your amazing race and all of the other exciting adventures to come!

Unknown said...

Good luck in the mini Amazing Race! Happy Holidays, peace, and love. Hang tough, lady!