24 November 2011


I am leaving my home and comforts November 30th to serve as a HIV/AIDS Technical Advisor for 9 Months with the Peace Corps Response program. I was offered this opportunity about 2 months ago and until 2 weeks ago I kept saying no. No way can I go in THIS economy, leave my job??? No way can I go I HAVE a beautiful apartment. No way can I go I HAVE a plan. No way can I go, Africa is UNKNOWN to me. After much agony and losing sleep over the DECISION. I called my Mom who I knew would believe in my fears and say why yes you CANNOT go to Africa. But instead she said you can't be afraid, you have never listened to fear before and look all the amazing blessings you have reaped from all the fearful moments of your life. Those are the moment you step outside of yourself and full of discomfort you take a step with faith that you will find the next one. I knew she was right so I said Yes and here I go. The beauty of life is truly in the fragile moments. 

I have gratitude for my freedom to live the life I've never imagined and for all the positive energy in my life from those known and unknown.

p.s. I had to include pictures of our thanksgiving bouquet and skippy after too much turkey. haha.

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