29 July 2009

the end of a journey

Queridos Amigos,

The day I never even tried to imagine has arrived and I’m slightly surprised. These last few days I’m heavy with emotions of all sorts; excited for the comforts of family, friends, and English! But a good part of me feels uneasy and already missing the simplicity of life here. Ecuador has become home, not easily but it has and that it what has made the end of this time so beautiful, all the struggle that I encountered along the way. I’ve seen so much; I’ve been shocked, surprised, devastated, infuriated, elated making it impossible to tell you how my life is going to change and has changed. But my ambitious wish is that my actions will be the example of the changes. That I won’t even for a moment forget this life, the voices, the smells, the struggle, or the heartache. I hope to always be afflicted by the voices and the faces of those born into injustice. That the small amount of exposure you’ve had from my journey has given you a glimpse of Ecuador, a vibrant country full of wonders and struggle and from which I’ve realized despite how great our differences may seem our few commonalities will always hold us together, as one race.

So to you all I send you my love and gratitude for sharing this journey with me. I give thanks to pachamama and the people that showed me the immense beauty in life's simplicities.

I'm coming home.


p.s. After my service ends I’m taking a big South American blow out trip with my sister starting from Santiago, Chile then we will be busing over with a pit stops in Mendoza (wine country) and Córdoba (the land of Che) with the final destination of Buenos Aires. Making it back to the beautiful PNW late September! I can't wait to see you!!

p.p.s. Here are some pictures of the reforestation project "A fruit eaten is a seed sown" that I´ve been working on for the last several months!


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