09 December 2008

The concept of time

The concept of time is cultural!!

Yet another example:I was just sitting at home yesterday minding my own business when there was a knock at my door, it´s my landlord all done up! This is how the conversation goes:

"Que Guapa!"
"Alicia we wanted to invite you to Katy´s baptism¨
(Oh yes! I´m thinking not because I just love mass but because these invites are like a ticket to almost family status. This is a good sign.)
"It starts at 6"
"great! I´ll be there!"

Hmmm…I wonder what time it is…5:45!! What?? Like they didn´t know that they were going to baptize her this morning or even a yesterday!! Oh well. When in Ecuador do as Ecuadorians, go with it!! 6:05 I arrive at the church, but the service doesn´t start for another hour!! So technically I had an hour and 15 minutes notice. Plenty of time, right??

18 months in and Ecuador is still teaching me EVERYDAY to LIVE IN THE MOMENT, LIVE IN THE MOMENT, LIVE IN THE MOMENT!!

p.s. here are some pictures from the event!http://picasaweb.google.com/Alicia.ODell/KatySBaptism#

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Jeff said...


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