01 July 2007

The capital of Latin America....Miami

Well, I am in Miami the wonderful muggy acclaimed capital of Latin America. It's hilarious here because I felt like I landed in Ecuador already just walking through the airport; it was a rarity to hear people talking English. We have been eating Cuban food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner which means plenty of plantains. So good. We even went to this great classic Cuban restaurant last night called The Versy. It was so horribly fantastic. Full of elaborate chandeliers and instead of wallpaper they lined their walls with mirrors that had painted bouquets of flowers on it. I had this amazing Cod casserole which was more like a Cod in a tomato soup of sorts with a side of rice and sweet plantains. mmm mmm good.

Pre-training has gone really well. Our group is made up of 46 people, comprised of both Urban Youth and Rural Health volunteers, hailing from all across the United States and from all different backgrounds, races, interest, etc. but we are all between the ages of 21-29 so we are a young group. I am really enjoying the company of the other volunteers and seeing so many similarities and differences. We will be leaving tomorrow at 5:30pm for Quito. We will stay the night in town at a local hostel and then head off to our training site, but won't be meeting up with our host families until Saturday.

Overall, it's all great! I am so excited and ready to be in Ecuador.

Much Love,

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